May 15th!

Trinity Meadows First Annual Sci-Tech Expo
You are invited to the First Annual KMI@TMI Tech Expo!
Our students have been hard at work and are ready to
show the world the great products they have been
producing. We want you to come and see what a
difference you have made in the lives of the children in
Keller Texas.

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The time has come to move forward with transforming schools, kids, and America’s future to help us become competitive in the changing world market.

This will be a great conference to attend to get the “ear” of the new administration.

Hope to see you there!


Delivery of Devices!

January 26th is the Day!  Parent Meeting 6:30 PM. TMIS Library.  The devices will be delivered after a short presentation and the signing of an AUP.  Then our curriculum will be 24/7!draft-kmi-logoart


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Matt Cook, a math and science teacher in the Keller Independent School District, near Fort Worth, Texas, knows his cell phone inside and out. He’s used it to document results in his classroom. In fact, his familiarity with cell phone tech sparked his imagination, and led him to get in touch with Verizon and AT&T, as well as software company GoKnow, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. All three companies have agreed to donate technology to the district for a pilot program to use cell phones in fifth-grade classrooms. (Other cell phone companies are certainly interested in classroom possibilities. Qualcomm has a similar program in the works called K-Nect.)

“I firmly believe that to prepare kids for their future, we need to start speaking the language of kids,” says Cook. “They’re using this stuff anyway—let’s teach them how to use it productively.”



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Some school districts are already trying new approaches. The Keller (Tex.) school district in January plans to start outfitting students with smartphones, which provide basic computing functions and can cost as little as $100 a year per student. Keller’s pilot will equip 55 students with smartphones featuring slide-out keyboards from Taiwanese vendor HTC, with data service supplied by Verizon Communications  (VZ), according to Soloway, who’s working with the district on its plan. In February, Detroit’s University Preparatory Academy plans to start a similar smartphone test. “It’s all going to be through the phone. That’s where the opportunity is now,” says Soloway.